Our mission is simple: to ensure patient safety, and make individual patient choices and wishes clearly understood.

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Elegant MIDEOTM ID Jewelry

For patients that have been diagnosed with a terminal or end stage illness, but still wish to enjoy life with quality but do not want to risk being treated against their wish, we have developed MIDEOTM ID jewelry.

The purpose of this jewelry is for when an emergency crisis situation occurs. The main purpose is to prevent those who do not know you from taking action such as cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to keep you alive. MIDEOTM jewelry is uniquely created to prevent these actions from occurring and can be scanned with any type of smart phone to retrieve your MIDEOTM statement.

You can click the Our Services link or call us at (844) MIDEO 4-U to learn more about we offer that will ensure the safety of you or a loved one.