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Why Do You Need MIDEO™?

You deserve better…

MIDEO™ is…



Actual decisions and gives direction

For you or your loved one

NOT a guess whereas living wills are a guess!

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“Dr. Mirarchi
I received my MIDEO ID card and it is amazing. I have pulled it out every time I do a living will for a client and I show them how it works.”
James R. Steadman - Girard, PA

Steadman Law Office

“It’s Amazing that something like MIDEO can now be in your Wallet.”
Marvin Buck - Conneaut Lake, PA

Client Testimonial

“I snow bird in Florida. Doctors and Hospitals here do not know us. We got MIDEO to protect ourselves and our family.”
Donald Damon - New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Retired Bank Executive

“As a former Hospital CEO of a Trauma Center, I have seen first hand the medical errors that occur. There is no question you need a better answer to prevent errors for those with living wills. There is no question that MIDEO is that answer. I got MIDEO so that I can make my own decisions for me.”
V. James Fiorenzo - Resides in Bonita Springs Florida

Former Hospital CEO

“I am personally relieved that I was lucky enough to work with Dr. Mirarchi to create a MIDEO card for me. He helped me think things through in a way that broadened my perspective.”
Wendy Lee Forman, Ph.D.

Client Testimonial

“With my MIDEO™ ID card, I have peace of mind to be sure they don’t give up on me before my time and my family is protected.”
– Michael Gallagher, Erie Pa

Have a Living Will? The Risk is "Real"!

Hear about this deadly medical error from a patient who is also a physician.

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