MIDEO® for Health Care Plans

Emergency & Critical Advance Care Planning

Our approach is uniquely different in that we are advocates for your safety

Our Mission

To Serve Patients, Consumers & Health Care Systems by developing safe & effective Advance Care Planning (ACP) processes. To Facilitate & Enable those processes into the creation & retrieval of accurate Advance Care Planning documents or medical orders. To Translate “Patient True Intentions’ into accurate actions to prevent medical errors & ensure Life-Saving or End of Life Care Measures are safely provided



You are unable to communicate for yourself, and hospital staff may administer treatment that could be inconsistent with your choices or wishes.


Paper documents my not be available or are difficult to interpret, particularly when a healthcare decision must be made immediately.


Hospital staff do not know you, or understand your healthcare choices. In addition, your personal doctor is not available


It is imperative that the hospital staff get it right for you. This is a life or death situation and not a time for guesswork.

Solution to Advanced Care Planning

We know that Advance Care Planning consultations can be difficult & time consuming for busy Physicians. This is why the MIDEO® system was developed. MIDEO® makes it easier for Physician practices & your health plan members to have these important conversations. MIDEO® improves patient safety by providing patients with education & a solution to effectively communicate their Critical vs. End of Life wishes.

Using The MIDEO® system has distinct benefits:

Personalized Individualized Actual decisions and gives direction For you or your loved one NOT a guess whereas living wills are a guess!

Improve patient safety and quality

MIDEO® provides education that enables patients to make an informed decision about treatment they wish to receive or treatment they would like to avoid when critically ill or in end-of-life situations. MIDEO® protects against the risks of Medical Stranger Danger & misinterpretation of standard documents.

Decrease wasteful End of Life Spending

Both Medicare & your health plan have approved Advance Care Planning Codes to allow for the MIDEO® process to be implemented. Today you are already paying for less effective & at times risky ACP strategies for patients. MIDEO® is a quality driven process that can allow your plan to partner with providers to implement more safe & accurate ACP strategies